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Web Design Build is the unique collaboration of the independent practices of graphics designer and artist Cheri Glover and Web developer and programmer Will Fastie. While maintaining their business independence, the close working arrangement between Cheri and Will results in the best of both worlds for our clients – top-notch, unique Web site designs and rock-solid technical infrastructure. Cheri and Will leave you with a Web site that you can maintain yourself, without a lot of heavy lifting and without being nickel and dimed with additional fees after the fact. Best of all, Cheri and Will do it at prices nobody can beat for the same quality of design and implementation.

Says Cheri:  "Today’s Web is full of fads and gimmicky designs that struggle to stand out but fail to do so. The Web is homogenizing. The cure? Take a look at our portfolio and you’ll see no sameness at all – every design is unique and customized specifically to the client’s desires."

Says Will:  "Small business Web sites are about communicating information to customers and, most importantly, potential customers. I’m an information specialist with deep database knowledge and the ability to use that expertise to deliver highly functional Web sites. My programming skills and the specialized content management system I’ve built assure a site customized specifically to the client’s business needs."

Cheri and Will, as independent practitioners, will work with other developers and designers if that’s what a client wants. But together, they are a powerful force for a beautiful, functional Web.

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