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Will Fastie

Will Fastie is a Web developer specializing in self-service Web sites for small and very small businesses. Trained in computer science at Johns Hopkins University, Will was a transaction processing systems programmer for the first decade of his career. He subsequently held positions as a computer magazine editor, a newsletter publisher, a Wall Street analyst following software companies and a CTO for a start-up before becoming a free-lance information systems consultant in the '90s.

Throughout the years, Will continued programming projects for small businesses on the side. When the Web emerged in the late '90s, he began light work with Web sites and turned more attention to such work in the early 2000s. Since 2006 he has been developing custom dynamic sites using open source technologies. These efforts culminated with the creation of SiteCommander™, a standardized content management system that makes the sites he develops very easy for small businesses to service themselves while enabling Will to deploy new sites very quickly.

Will is an expert in Web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, XML, JSON and many other useful components that grace his solutions. His deep programming background enables him to integrate Web services, such as ecommerce, into your site.

In addition to building the site, Will acts as project manager, coordinating all activities associated with the build and is thus the central point of contact.

"Small business Web sites are about communicating information to customers and, most importantly, potential customers. I’m an information specialist with deep database knowledge and the ability to use that expertise to deliver highly functional Web sites. My programming skills and the specialized content management system I’ve built assure a site customized specifically to the client’s business needs."
-- Will Fastie

"Will's unique combination of skills
will bring your vision to life."
-- Cheri Glover


To learn more about Will, visit his personal Web site at fastie.com.

Will did many projects before teaming with Cheri. View Will's Portfolio.