These prices form the basis for proposals and in most cases will be the actual price. When custom features are required, the proposal will reflect a higher quote.

All Design work includes all the original documents used to create your art. If you ever need it in the future, you'll have it, without any restrictions.

All Build work includes the SiteCommander content management system. Development includes configuring a hosting plan, managing the domain name, obtaining Google Analytics and ReCaptcha accounts, and providing a simple, generic placeholder page until the site design is finalized.

Email setup can be done within the hosting plan (not recommended) or with a third-party service. Configuration for up to six (6) addresses that are part of the hosting plan is included. Email configuration of third-party services such as Office 365 is $125 including the first six addresses. Addresses after the first six are $5 each.

Upon project completion, an archive including all assets and source code used in the product will be delivered. You can choose OneDrive (no charge), a mailed CD/DVD disc ($17) or a USB memory stick ($25). Prices slightly higher outside the USA.

If you hire us for placeholder work, we will credit 50% of the placeholder fees towards a full-scale Web project contracted within 90 days of the placeholder's launch.

Logo Design

Logo design includes creating the art work for the Web site and providing files to facilitate printing business cards, stationery, or large uses like signage. Up to three (3) concepts will be provided. $395.


A placeholder site is usually a one-page site designed just to provide a basic or temporary presence on the Internet.

Design $195 (with your art) / Build $295.

Landing Page

A landing page is a one-page Web site most often used for a specific promotional purpose.

Design $395 / Build $495.

Basic Web Site

If you need a simple, small site with just a few pages and you have your content ready to go, we will build the site at a low, flat rate. Even at this low rate, we will take care of initial entry of the content and you can take over handling your content after launch.

Design $995 / Build $995.

Typical Small Business Site

Typical sites include all SiteCommander modules (excluding SiteCommander's Music app for performing artists) and whatever custom features are required to provide you with exactly the Web site you need.

Design $995 / Build $1,750 to $2,450.

Small Business - Light eCommerce

If you are selling items on a third-party service (e.g., Amazon) or wish to have a shopping cart like eJunkie, we will customize SiteCommander's products app to accommodate your needs. An SSL certificate is required. SiteCommander's media system supports product galleries, which allow multiple images of a single product to be presented.

Design $1,395 / Build $1,995 to $2,750.

Small Business - Full eCommerce

If you want to sell goods directly and accept payment online through, SiteCommander's products app can handle it. In addition to the payment processing account you must acquire, an SSL certificate is required. SiteCommander's media system supports product galleries, which allow multiple images of a single product to be presented.

Design $1,395 / Build $2,495 to $3,495.

Unique Features - Contact Us for Quote

SiteCommander and our design/build skills combine to form the perfect environment for creating those special features that will set your site apart. Whatever your business requires, we're all in.

Special Packages

We offer a number of specially-priced packages for specific market niches. These are fully featured, self-service, no compromises Web sites.

Fine Artists

Cheri understands the realities of promoting fine art on the Web. This package includes a products system that allows you to add Buy Now links to as many third-party sites, like Etsy or Amazon, as you like. This price assumes you will provide your own logo.

Design $595 (Cheri) / Build $995.

Bluegrass Bands

Will has a fondness for the music and we therefore offer a very low price. You must have a logo available to get the price and allow us to place a link to WebDesignBuild at the bottom of pages (very tiny, non-intrusive). Otherwise, fully featured, fully customized.

Design $100 (Will) / Build $400 ($500 w/o WDB link).


Will's solution for musicians is comprehensive, including a performing/touring calendar, photo galleries, video galleries, a full music system, promotional codes, one-sheet, booking information, band bios, and more. You must have a logo available to get this price or the fee will be slightly higher. Fully featured, fully customized.

Design $295 (Will), $495 (Cheri) / Build $995.

Coffee News Publishers

Our Coffee News package includes handling of editions, outlets, advertising (with automatic contract expiration), fillers (your promotional pieces), contest submissions, and local event submissions. The system is capable of displaying contract pricing or not, as you prefer.

Design $295 (Will) / Build $795.

Please consult our FAQ for further details regarding costs, hosting, SSL certificates, and our business policies.